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IBM ThinkPad Campaign

For the launch of their first laptop, the Thinkpad, IBM wanted a campaign that put both the beauty and brains of this revolutionary new product front and center. Lisa wrote copy that leveraged IBM's "Big Blue" heritage while showcasing the Thinkpad's sexier elements.

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KFC Graffiti Campaign

In these newspaper ads for KFC, Lisa illustrated how their product fit into any situation, creating a simple, charming and low-cost campaign.

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Johnson & Johnson "No More" Campaign

To introduce the new line of child-friendly "No More" topical products for Johnson & Johnson, Lisa created ads that spoke to both moms and kids, while highlighting the new products' names in a charming and memorable way.

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Pearl Essence Towels from Lenox

For the launch of new Lenox Pearl Essence Bath Linens, Lisa created a total trade marketing campaign, including magazine ads, a promotional package and press releases celebrating the towels' unprecedented use of pearl fibers.

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Hagar the Horrible IBM Campaign

Lisa worked with cartoonist Chris Browne of Hagar the Horrible fame to craft an award-winning campaign for IBM's first desktop workstation, the RISC System/6000, equating the machine's unprecedented power with that of conquering hordes. The scientific community loved the way the ads communicated their concerns in a fun and creative way. And Lisa's copy convinced IBM that even the most technical subjects could be written engagingly.

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Initiative Media

Initiative Media wanted an ad that would position them as not simply a media-buying company but as a strategic partner to their fortune 500 clients. The copy's voice is that of one intelligent corporation speaking to another.

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In Europe, where feminine protection is not as advanced as in the U.S., the concept of tailoring different products to different days of a woman's cycle was a new one. This campaign, which ran in multiple countries, helped Johnson & Johnson sell more variations on their o.b. tampons by presenting them as part of a total system responding to the "curves" of a woman's cycle and her body.

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