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Before the launch of this still-popular campaign, Hanes stood for generic mens' white underwear. This campaign repositioned the brand forever as cool fashion for the whole family.

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Colgate Tartar Control

This short, simple spot presented a dry but important statistic with a wink and a smile that was ultimately devastating. Colgate beat a competing Crest product for the first time that year.

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In Europe, penetration of contact lenses lags behind the US. This spot was part of a campaign that directly addressed people's reasons for resistance and urged first-time trial. The sales of Acuvue tripled on average in the countries in which it ran.

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Cartedor Baby

The clients for Carte d'Or ice cream, a European supermarket brand, insisted that families be shown sharing the product. Our solution was to find unusual and memorable ways to demonstrate sharing. It's never too early to start.

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o.b. wanted women to buy more variations in its product range, rather than just one. This campaign reframed o.b.'s products as a total system responding to a single womens' needs during the "curve" of her cycle, a concept we invented.

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Consumers were pretty satisfied with Cascade powder before Palmolive launched the first liquid for dishwashers. But focus groups told us they had one peeve. We took it and ran with it, and the campaign went on to win an Effie.

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